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Strategies and technology for the liberal order


Based in Brussels and London, TRD Policy is a political strategy firm with a mission.

We support defenders of the liberal order under attack from populists, religious extremists and other enemies of democracy and the rule of law.

As well as providing strategic political advice we support campaign operations for organisations that share our mission.

Our in house technology team is developing the next generation of political analysis and campaigning sofware. Based on the latest advances in political science, we're working on quantitative guides to political volatility for financial market participants; quantitative trade policy intelligence, and techniques to close down the communications distribution gap between populists and evidence-based campaingers.



An article by our founder, Dr Garvan Walshe, was picked by Foreign Policy magazine as their top Brexit analysis piece for 2018.

Brexit is destroying Britain's constitution

Normally, Britain’s flexible political system could accommodate one party’s indulgence of extremism: if the Conservatives found themselves advocating something radical such as leaving the EU, this would typically open up space in the center for Labour to position itself as the defender of economically pragmatic close relations with it. However, Labour is currently led by the far-left and anti-European Jeremy Corbyn, keen to facilitate Brexit and take advantage of the economic chaos to implement a radical socialist agenda. Read more